Did you know that in 1987 Brent went head to head with Garth Brooks in a national talent contest sponsored by Marlboro Country Music?
Both were beat out by a Texas band that never went anywhere!

Brent is a self taught musician and can play a variety of musical instruments. His main instrument is the Kazoo!!

Brent sang with the late Buck Owens, a legendary country hero, at the Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, CA.

Brent was ask to sing a duet with Rock Super Star David Gahan from Depeche Mode at USC.

Brent loves to make people laugh!

Brent is a two time cancer survivor.

CBS used Brent's song 'Haunting Memory' in an episode of the TV show 90210


Raised on a farm in Lexington, Oklahoma is where Brent Payne laid the foundation for who he is today. Riding horses, driving tractors, playing music and listening to Buck Owens and Don Rich is how this boy grew up. He is the real deal; a true country cowboy and southern gentleman.

Brent Payne and his band have played to sold out crowds at the original Crazy Horse, the Galaxy Theater and The Coach House. They have entertained thousands in Las Vegas for Nascar, The Pro Bull Riders, and The National Finals Rodeo, to name a few. They perform not only for the big stage events, but also entertain at private parties and corporate events, showcasing their diversity and ability to customize their performances to their audiences, whether large or intimate.

Don’t let Brent’s cowboy hat fool ya’. When he pulls out his signature Telecaster or Les Paul, he can tear up some classic rock, southern rock and good ol’ rock n’ roll. Brent is an award winning country music entertainer and recording artist. He currently has a library of seven albums that he has written, co-written and been an integral part of production. Most recently, Brent won Best Country Song of the Year at the 2012 Hollywood Music Awards for his new hit single, Now & Forever. His rendition of Copperhead Road was nominated at the 2013 Hollywood Music Awards for Best Country Song of the Year. In January, 2012, CBS used Haunting Memory on the hit television show ‘90210’, which has created thousands of new Brent Payne fans. Brent’s music is being streamed throughout the U.S. and the world through on-line media and radio stations and is topping charts internationally. During the week of 8/11/13, Brent Payne was listed in Sweden’s Top 20, along with Rascal Flatts who took the #1 spot. Triplestrand Productions recently listed “When the Good Times Outweigh the Bad” as outperforming all other artists and songs in their lineup.

Brent’s performances are electrifying, high energy and always include crowd interaction. Brent is known for leaving the stage to serenade the ladies and meet and greet his fans. His charm, charisma and southern hospitality are evident in everything he does. He has a knack with children and invites them to join him on stage and participate in a song or two, which is always a crowd favorite. Brent’s philosophy and goal is always to leave his audience with an experience and memories they won’t soon forget. Based on the many fan, corporate, and private event testimonials, he has been very successful.