Brent supports our troops in many ways dedicating his time and efforts to show appreciation to our men and women.  Guitars For Vets had their graduation yesterday and Brent showed up for hours talking with them and signing their guitars and handing out free CDs to all the troops!

This program is set up with all volunteers to help our men and women coming back that suffer from PTSD. The program is designed to help them cope with the PTSD in a manner through music. The healing power of music in the hands of heroes. They have graduated 93 students and Yamaha has donated over 16,000 thousand dollars in guitars given to each student who graduates. There is a waiting list for those who want to be enrolled in this program across the United States. To see their faces light up and to here their stories of how music has changed their lives is very emotional and inspirational. Most have over come suicidal thoughts and found new direction and happiness and peace in their life. We salute these brave men and women who have given so much to this wonderful country. I feel so alive when I leave the hospital and these wonderful soldiers thank you and your families and Never Give Up!

Brent Payne